Abuse & Trauma

Living in an abusive relationship is like living in the only cycle of life you know so well how to handle. The cycle you inevitably expect is violence. The fear of being physically and emotionally hurt is smaller than the fear of the unknown life out of this cycle. As one of the clients said, “I drank that juice knowing it’s poisonous. I don’t understand why I was so thirsty.” Triggers unexpectedly appear in an indescribable form. It is like being in a dark cave hearing thunder and feeling shattered ground that shakes you up entirely. My job is to create a safe space that you can allow me to see and feel your darkness. Once the trauma is transparently understood, and the strengths are found, the path of healing begins.

Anxiety & Depression

Experiencing constant intrusive unhealthy thoughts significantly and vastly impacts psychological and physical health such as mood, energy, memory, diet, heart rate, immune system, executive functions, and sleep. It feels like you live with a monster who always takes control of your life. Even though you know that the monster is not real, the impacts on you are existent. Depression - living with intrusive thoughts and feelings of sadness and loneliness can lead to losing hope. My work is to walk with you through your intrusive thoughts. The walk combined with acknowledging the thoughts and their impact on your body, feelings, and mind.

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Grief & Loss

Walking through the journey of grief and loss is like standing at the shore and facing the icy cold waves. Some waves strike you so hard that they take out all your strength to stand up. Some merely tingle and bring you chills. But the waves never stop crashing. And there you are, standing in the dark, not knowing when the next crash comes. The path to healing is concealed in the journey of grieving. My work is to enable you to walk through grief with strengths being built in each step of your path.


A relationship is a crucial part of our life in which we have many roles to play such as a child, a parent, a partner, and a colleague. Each role combines with responsibility and expectation that are navigated by dominant emotions like love, hate, care, hope, fear etc.